Be Your Beautiful is about redefining how we see beauty. Right now there’s an insane amount of pressure for women to look amazing, while also hiding all the work needed to achieve that look ... AND smile about it! It's no surprise that most women crack at some point. This short film explores these private moments of insanity, and how we recover.

The Cast

The Crew

Tanha Dil

Christina Lopez-Hidalgo

Jade Law

Nasaka Malimba

Lindsay Weglarz

Written and Directed by Elaine Chu

Produced by Brian Sounalath

Original Music by Sarah Dooley

Director of Photography - Kristin Mendez

Production Designer - Skye Prey

Hair and Makeup Consultant - Addy Cahill

Production Manager - Howard Johnson

1st AC - Ashley Lowery

Location Manager - Jeffrey Gardner